Can You Keep Operations Running During Commercial Building Restoration?

Damage to your commercial building can be costly from both a repairs standpoint and when it comes to having to shut down operations for repairs. At S&S Restoration our priority is getting you back up and running as efficiently as possible. There are some cases where you must vacate the entire building, but sometimes you can stay in operation. 

Mold Restoration

Mold can be quite dangerous depending on what type of mold is present. Not all mold is toxic, but regardless of the type of mold, there will need to be a demolition day that could result in much of the walls or flooring being torn up. If it’s a large amount of mold, you will need to vacate during the commercial building restoration process. Chances are there will be at least a few days where you cannot enter the building during the mold removal and restoration project.

Flood Restoration

Flooding can cause damage that is not visible to the naked eye, seeping into the walls and flooring. The dangers with flooding lie in potential electrical damage, mold buildup, and damage to gas lines that could be causing the invisible fumes to seep into the space. Additionally, there could be damage to the building’s foundation which makes it very dangerous to enter. 

The commercial building restoration process will start with the removal of flood waters and drying out the entire area. The walls will likely be torn down during this time to ensure all spaces are dried out before the restoration process begins. You will not be able to keep operations running on site for most of the time during flood restoration

Fire Restoration

Fire damage is costly, whether it’s from direct flames or smoke – the fire restoration process requires a professional team. A professional fire restoration company will come in and assess the safety of the building and whether it’s structurally sound. During the time the team will also assess any hazards such as damaged electrical or gas lines. Because of the dangers present with smoke inhalation and ash deposits, it is not safe to carry out operations during the commercial building restoration process for fire damage.

Prioritize Your Team’s Safety

Although you may be rushed to keep operations up and running during commercial building operations – that is not going to be the safest option. Depending on your insurance policies, you may be entitled to temporary accommodations to run your business. The most important thing is that everyone stays safe during and after mold, flooding, or fire damage. If your commercial building has just been hit by disaster – contact the professionals at S&S Restoration. We’re available 24/7 for any emergency restoration needs you may have.

About S&S Restoration

S&S Restoration is a Temecula, California restoration company that specializes in both residential and commercial buildings affected by fire, flooding, mold, and storms. We proudly serve the Inland Empire, San Diego, High Desert, and San Bernardino County areas. Give us a call at (800) 608-8447 or visit our website at, we’re available 24/7 for emergency response to guarantee the best outcomes.

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