What You Need to Know About Mold: Debunking Myths

Mold is every building owner’s worst nightmare. Whether you’re a homeowner or run a commercial facility, certain mold strains can be incredibly harmful to human health and cause thousands of dollars in building damage. However, mold is not always something to panic about; while you do not want to just let it grow and coexist with it, not all molds are inherently harmful. We’re going to review some of the most common misconceptions about mold to put property owners at ease.

Myth #1: All Mold is Toxic 

This is not true, while some molds can be incredibly toxic – think black mold – not all mold is toxic to humans. Mold not being toxic does not mean it’s harmless, in fact any and all mold should be addressed as soon as it’s discovered to prevent even minor health issues. Even non-toxic molds can cause allergies or respiratory troubles, especially for young children or those with pre-existing health issues.

Myth #2: Mold = A Dirty Home

Mold growth does not always mean your home or building is dirty. It means that your property simply has moisture issues, which can be caused by a humid environment, water damage, or natural disasters. In fact, 50% of homes and 80% of commercial buildings have some form of water damage. Many people have mold in their homes and don’t even know because it hides in the walls or under flooring. It’s crucial that as soon as you suspect or discover mold, you call a mold restoration company

Myth #3: Bleach is Mold’s Worst Enemy

Although bleach is a household holy grail cleaning product, it does not get to the root of mold and eradicate its growth. Bleach successfully removes mold on a surface level and gives the appearance of a clean surface, but in the end it could do more harm than good. Bleach must be rinsed away with a significant amount of water to avoid damaging fabrics and finishes, which could actually work against you and promote further mold growth. Professional mold restoration companies use specialized mold-killing solutions that target the spores themselves and kill the mold at it’s core.

Myth #4: Mold is Only Harmful When Visible

Mold has been named “the silent killer” for a reason, it can be causing serious health damage without you even knowing it’s present. Even if it’s in the walls or under the floor, mold can seep out and expose you without even knowing it. Common toxic mold exposure symptoms include:

Those exposed to mold may experience only a few of these symptoms, or many. The issue with mold exposure is that it’s easy to write these symptoms off as other health issues. When in doubt, test your property for mold – it could save your life. 

When in Doubt – Hire a Professional

Mold damage is not a light subject, and should be dealt with promptly and by a professional. S&S Restoration is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that you don’t have to spend another moment worrying about mold caused by water damage or storms. Give us a call and begin your mold restoration process before it causes health and structural harm. Mold restoration is NOT a DIY project, and to cut it out right at the cause you need a company that can kill the mold, safely remove it, and prevent it from coming back.

About S&S Restoration

S&S Restoration is a Temecula, California restoration company that specializes in both residential and commercial buildings affected by fire, flooding, mold, and storms. We proudly serve the Inland Empire, San Diego, High Desert, and San Bernardino County areas. Give us a call at (800) 608-8447 or visit our website at ssrestorationinc.com, we’re available 24/7 for emergency response to guarantee the best outcomes.

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